“What is told may be heard, but easily forgotten. What is shown will be seen, but not easily remembered. For those who aspire to know the way, sip the tea.” –The Minster of Travel


An incredible synergy happens when a rolled up, tangled tea leaf meets hot water. A slow but sure demand from the liquid that the leaf release it’s precious cargo. This is called “the agony of the leaf”; the tea does not want to succumb. But when the time finally comes, the aftermath makes for a beloved drink. A drink that has become the second most consumed beverage in the world. Had this water-to-tea origination never taken place, we would have never known the beauty that is loose leaf tea and it’s enchanting liqueur.

This one of a kind moment has sparked a love and fascination with the precious cargo that is loose leaf tea, before and after it’s exposure to hot water. Here at June’s Agony, we believe humans are a lot like tea. Before every moment of consumption and enjoyment, tea has to meet agony. Humans, too, feel agony and while less than more is ideal, it’s a key ingredient to an enriched life. It makes tea the beauty that it is. It makes humans the beauty that we are.

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“In Chinese we say tea washes the spirit. It’s not something that just enters your stomach, it also enters your mind.” – Patrick Cui, Tea Master

Our founder, June, first caught a buzz from tea when she got a “teatender” gig at a loose leaf tea shop located in Denver, Colorado. She was given a substantial manual to study, and a small black notebook that the shop called a “tea bible”; as employees tasted all categories of tea, they jotted down the liqueur and profiles of each tea in their tea bibles in order to better help customers. The extensive training and tasting revealed to her she could always be happy as long as she was involved in the world of tea.

Though she left the tea shop some time ago, her tea-enthusiast drive did not diminish. She took the knowledge she gained all those years ago and made it her own, thus the creation and operation of June’s Agony. Whether it be furthering education, starting a discussion, sharing or seeking fun recipes, or obtaining your favorite culture-approved loose leaf tea, you’re always welcome at June’s Agony’s table. Enjoy!



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